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Welcome to the OM WOOD Gallery, presenting the creative endeavors of James M. Nybo. My work is informed by my lifelong interest in the psyche and the interface between inner truth and outer perception. My creations are the physical discovery of forms within wood. Projects include sculpture, representational and abstract.functional designs for tables,benches and altars. I use locally available reclaimed woods such as Big Leaf Maple, Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir as well as Cherry, Black Walnut, Red Alder and Beech, to name just a few.

Starting with a chainsaw, moving on to chisels and various hand tools, each piece ends with hours of hand sanding and finishing. I enjoy mixing different types of wood to create inlay, both two and three dimensional, integrating metal, glass, and lighting with the intention to respect and reveal the natural beauty of wood. Let OM WOOD create a sacred place of functional design or purely sculptural work custom made for your home, business or outdoor space. If you would like to order or discuss existing works contact: 

James is an artist, sculptor, structural integrative bodyworker, and Aikido instructor living on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state.